Francie may not look as beautiful on a horse as Tara. And she may not have as much money as Katie. But she's a rider a competitor and this is her last chance to win.

Sometimes Francie Martinez feels like she's hovering between two worlds. Her father is Mexican, and her mother although she doesn't really count is American. Francie spends hours mucking stalls with the other Mexican grooms, but when she mounts her horse, Tobey, she's one of the girls at West Hills. At school, she's known as "the horse girl," but in the ring (and to Rob, one of the best trainers in the country), she's not the winner Tara is.

Now, Francie is ready to secure a place for herself in a world she knows she belongs. It's always been her dream to win the Maclay Finals in New York City. This is her last chance to prove to Rob (who's so busy praising Tara that he barely notices her), to her father (who's been collecting college brochures for the past six months), and to Tara (who's sure she's going to win) that she can do it. But when a new rider shows up at West Hills, he becomes a distraction just when Francie needs to concentrate more than ever.