See You Down The Road


See You Down the Road offers a fascinating glimpse into the little known and gritty world of Irish Travelers in America.

Bridget's life is pretty complicated her family lives in a trailer and is constantly on the move, she's engaged to be married, and her parents want her to quit high school so she can help out more with the family's money-making scams. But Bridget's not so sure the Traveler life is for her anymore. She feels guilty about the lies she tells, she wonders what it would be like to live in one place, and she's definitely not sure she wants to get married to anyone, even if Patrick can prove he's a good guy.

Now she's about to set off on a new adventure that could change her whole life. Will Bridget have what it takes to stay with her family? In this tautly written novel of life on the road, Bridget finds herself grappling with questions that go right to the heart of what family is all about.