"Now here I was in my last year of doing the equitation. I wasn’t as beautiful on a horse as Tara and I didn’t have money like Katie, but I'd worked too hard to let it just slip by.  This year I wanted to win."


The Perfect Distance: A novel

Seventeen year-old Francie Martinez rides at West Hills, one of the top show stables in the country, where her father is the barn manager.  She’s dreamed of winning the Medal or Maclay Finals, and finally making her notoriously tough trainer, Rob Renaud, realize she has what it takes to be the best.  Now it’s her last junior year and the pressure is really on.

But just when Francie needs to focus more than ever, everything in her life turns upside down.  Can she ever beat Tara, whom Rob is counting on to win?  Will her relationship with the new boy in the barn, or what she learns about Rob keep her from winning one of the coveted equitation finals?

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